Al Gilbert Tap Technique, Grade 7 Bundle

Al Gilbert

Al Gilbert Tap Technique, Grade 7 Bundle

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Al Gilbert Tap Technique, Grade 7 Bundle includes music and video on 3-disc CD set and DVD. This is Al Gilbert’s original Grade 7 Tap Technique. There are OVER 50 Exercises in this level that are designed to utilize the Close-To-The-Floor training from grade 6. At this point, your dancers are definitely at a solid advanced, pre-pro level in tap. Close-To-The-Floor Combinations such as Heel Shuffle, Heel Scuffle, and Heel Riffle are included here. Also, Al digs deep into riffs with Syncopated 7-Tap Riff, Riff Traveling Time Step, and 8, 12, & 14-Tap Riff Walks. Many wings and Pull Back Combinations to further strengthen your dancers ability to “Nerve Tap”. 

Bundle Includes:

  • CD Disc 1 – Vocal Instruction by AL Gilbert
  • CD Disc 2 – Instrumental Tracks
  • CD Disc 3 – Data Companion includes pdf file of notes and iTunes-ready audio tracks
  • DVD Disc includes all exercises performed with music


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