Miss Fabergé

Miss Fabergé brings you exciting acro dance that your audience will love!

Why struggle with acro choreography when you can benefit from Miss Faberge's decades of experience?  

Miss Faberge has spent a lifetime as a dancer, a performer, and a studio owner. She's owned and operated Faberge Follies Dance'n'Tumble for 35 years- and still loves it! While well-versed in all the dance arts, Acrobatics is her specialty. 

As a result of many years teaching children, producing shows, and competing, Miss Faberge is a master at creating entertaining routines that "work." They're not trendy, but rather "classic" age-appropriate, crowd-pleasers that combine acrobatic skills with dance moves in an upbeat show-biz style. There is a logic in the way that Miss Fabergé constructs her choreography for an easy-to-remember routine your dancers will love.

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