Al Gilbert Tap Technique, Grade 2 Download

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Al Gilbert Tap Technique, Grade 2 Download

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What does Valerie Rockey from SYTYCD Season 11, Mallory Hagen, Miss America 2013, and some of today's top Tap Choreographers, including Darryl Retter, Gregg Russell, Keith Clifton, Thommie Retter, Brooke Paulsen, and Terry Lindholm, have in common?

The Al Gilbert Tap Technique!

This is the expanded and updated Al Gilbert Grade 2 Tap Technique set to contemporary music. Level 2 builds on the foundation learned from Level 1. The familiar steps from the original Grade 2 are here, plus many more. There are 58 Exercises on this level designed to help beginner tappers step up their tap game. Grade 2 is intended for your 7-9-year-old students to develop a basic tap technique that will be used year after year. The Al Gilbert Grade 2 Tap Technique is the perfect level for your beginner adult tap students!


In Grade 2, Al Gilbert presents steps such as:

Barre Exercises

  • Shuffle Variations
  • Ball Change Variations
  • Maxi Fords
  • Heel/Kick/Shuffle Ball Change Variations
  • Buffalos
  • Irish
  • Flap Variations
  • Hop Shuffle Step… And many more


Center Exercises

  • Right & Left Exercises
  • Boogie Woogie Combinations
  • Cakewalk Kicks
  • Charleston Step
  • Waltz Clog Variations
  • Sugars
  • Chainé Variations… And many more!!


    Download includes:

    • Vocal Instruction of each exercise by AL Gilbert
    • Instrumental Tracks of each exercise
    • A PDF file of technique notes

      The DVD companion is available here.

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