Wings To Fly


Wings To Fly

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Available only as a download, lease download to computer, not mobile device.

Wings To Fly is a Low Intermediate Lyrical Dance by Darryl Retter, created for your 9-11 year old dancers. Time: 2:40

Wings To Fly by Darryl Retter is a heart-warming experience that your audience will really connect to. This low intermediate lyrical dance is light, innocent, free, and young. Perfect for your 9-11 year old students. This song was written from a mother’s perspective to her daughter. The lyrics are poignant and touching. This music and dance will be a wonderful addition to your dance recital.

Download Includes

  • Performance Ready Music of Song, Wings To Fly as iTunes File (m4a)
  • Step-by-Step Video breakdown of choreography as iTunes File (m4v)
  • Video of Multi-Camera Performance on live stage as iTunes File (m4v)
  • Choreographer’s Cut Video of Performance on live stage as iTunes Files. What a great way to get Staging and Costume Concepts!
  • Choreography Notes as a pdf file
  • Cover Art

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