Thommie Retter’s NYC Tap, Vol. 3 Across The Floor

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Thommie Retter’s NYC Tap, Vol. 3 Across The Floor

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NYC Tap, Vol. 3 Across the Floor by Thommie Retter is the perfect companion to his NYC Tap Vol 3 Technique. These advanced exercises will enhance your tap classes with fresh, exciting across the floor tap steps. Building from its counter-part technique video, Thommie has created this expanded work to offer you even more ways to help your students become the tappers you know they can be! This collection includes 11 extended across the floor combinations.

All of the music contained in this technique series is original up-tempo music with a funk groove that your dancers will love. There are three tracks of music for each exercise: (1) Regular Tempo, (2) Faster Tempo (3) Faster tempo with Tap Tracks.

Data Disc Includes: (Play media files with iTunes or Quicktime)

  • Breakdown video of each exercise
  • Performance video of each exercise
  • 33 tracks of music created specifically for this technique
  • Choreography Notes as pdf file

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