Theatrix: Tap Edition

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Theatrix: Tap Edition

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Theatrix: Tap Edition by Becca Retter offers three tap dances set to musical theater music. These performance-ready routines will expand the musical theatre music department at your studio.

This video contains Musical Theatre tap routines that are exciting and fun to teach. Becca Retter has pulled together three of her favorite songs from Broadway Musicals and created wonderfully crowd-pleasing dances. You can use this choreography to enhance your classroom work or use it in your recital. Your students will love the music, and your audience will love your dancers.

Routines on this video:

  • 76 Trombones is perfect for your beginner dancers (gr 2 tap)
  • Good Morning was created for your intermediate dancers (gr 3 tap)
  • Get Happy will challenge your advanced dancers (gr 5-6 tap)


  • CD of edited, performance-ready music included
  • iTunes versions of the music on the CD – Drag files into your iTunes library
  • Break Down, and Performance of choreography included on DVD
  • iTunes version of routine break-downs on DVD – drag into your iTunes library, and now you’ve got them on your iPod!
  • Notes included on both discs – place in your computer rom and view or print

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