Theatrix, Musical Theatre Technique, Vol. 1

Gina Badone Productions

Theatrix, Musical Theatre Technique, Vol. 1

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MusicWorks adds to their Theatrix Collection in a big way with volume 1 of Musical Theatre Technique from the creative mind of Gina Badone!. This fantastic new product includes an entire Musical Theatre class with excellent step-by-step instructions that connect dancing, singing, and acting for you and your dancers. This DVD is packed with great tips and information from facial exercises to vocal training to get your dancers. The material on this DVD gives you, the teacher, the tools to help your students shine on stage with confidence. Enjoy the bonus in-class combination included. Broadway bound.

  • Facial Exercises, Facial Expressions, and Act & React Exercises
  • Vocal Exercises including Chest Voice, Head Voice, Scales, and Tongue Twisters
  • Broadway Stylization such as Frug Walks, Fosse Walks, Hip Rolls, and more
  • Prop Work includes working with a Derby & Cane
  • Rockette style Line Work
  • Break down and Performance of an in-class Combination
  • CD of 6 Musical Theatre songs included
  • iTunes versions of the music on the CD. Drag files into your iTunes library
  • Class notes on the disc. Place in your computer rom and view or print

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