Teddy Bear, Vol. 2 Download

Al Gilbert

Teddy Bear, Vol. 2 Download

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Teddy Bear Series, Vol. 2 by Al Gilbert, includes nine creative movement songs that get your youngest dancers up on their feet and moving around. This volume will offer a fun way to strengthen balance, agility, coordination, and the fundamental changing of weight. These fun, creative play songs are a must for dance schools and all child development programs. The Teddy Bear Series includes children's vocals as well as instrumental-only versions. Easy-to-follow notes and vocal instructions are included.


Download Includes:

  • 9 Songs with Children's Voices
  • 9 Instrumental Tracks
  • PDF files of movement notes
  • iTunes files of each song

Songs Included in this volume:

  1. Yankee Doodle Dandy
  2. Teddy Bear Picnic
  3. Go Round & Round
  4. Little Mousies
  5. Pony Boy
  6. Little Red Caboose
  7. Hop Skip Run & Jump
  8. Teddy Bear Hop
  9. Happy Birthday

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