Sophisticated Cuties Songs & Dances Download

Al Gilbert

Sophisticated Cuties Songs & Dances Download

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Sophisticated Cuties Songs & Dances by Al Gilbert offers eight songs and dances that your 5-8-year-old dancers will love to perform.

Most little girls like to play "dress-up" and make believe they're "grown-up." This unique collection of songs and dances focuses on just that. With lyrics Sweet and a little sassy, your audience will enjoy these performances.


Songs and dances included in this compilation:

  1. Come Up And See Me Sometime by Al Gilbert is a Grade 1-2 Song and tap dance. This cute dance is based on the movie star Mae West, who acted in movies in the 1930s. The audience will love this sweet and sassy dance. Time - 2:39
  2. Sophisticated Baby by Al Gilbert is a sweet and sassy Grade 1 Song and Dance (Tap or Pre-Jazz). Everybody will love this fun one! Time - 2:18
  3. Fabulous by Al Gilbert is a sweet and sassy Grade 1 Song & Tap or Pre-Jazz dance. Your outgoing little girls will stop the show with this one! Time - 2:07 – 2:09
  4. Check It Out Baby by Al Gilbert is a Grade 1 Tap or Pre-Jazz Song and Dance. He is another winner for those ultra-sophisticated cuties! me - 1:42
  5. A Touch Of Class by Al Gilbert is a Grade 1 Tap or Pre-Jazz Song and Dance, perfect for your 5-8-year-olds. This dance is a "Classy" number for your sophisticated cuties. Time - 2:35.
  6. I'm So Glad I'm Me by Al Gilbert is a Grade 1 Song and tap dance for your 4-6-year-old tappers. The title says it all -   Every dancer should be glad to be themselves! This is a very upbeat song. Time 2:37. 
  7. Look Of A Dancer by Al Gilbert is a Grade 1 Tap dance. This dance is one of those "sophisticated" pieces your audience will love. Depending on how you interpret the choreography, this piece may be used as a Pre-Ballet or Pre-Jazz Song and dance. Time - 2:05.
  8. Hey, Daddy by Al Gilbert is a Grade 1 Song and dance for your 4-6-year-old dancers. This piece is a cute song from Daughter to Daddy. Fun and sassy, with a little humorous, your audience will love it. Time - 2:45


    Download includes:

    • Sixteen tracks of music as iTunes files. Drag and drop into your iTunes library.
    • Choreography notes for eight pieces of choreography

    *Training aids are also available as separate purchases.

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