Pre-School Dancing Animals, Vol. 3 Download


Pre-School Dancing Animals, Vol. 3 Download

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Pre-School Dancing Animals, Vol. 3 is the third in a series of three CDs perfect for your preschool classes and recitals. This CD includes six animal-based songs to encourage your young student's imaginations with routines by Al Gilbert & Becca Retter to help develop their balance and coordination. This series is a must for your dance studio music library.

Download Includes

  • Songs as iTunes files - Drag and drop them into your iTunes library
  • 12 tracks of music, 6 with Performance Tracks and 6 Instrumental tracks
  • Choreography Notes as PDF
  • Cover Art

Songs in this compilation include:

  • Aristo-Cat by Al Gilbert is a Grade 1 Song & Tap dance for your 5–8-year-old dancers. This song is originally from a Disney movie with the same title. With an excellent swing groove, your dancers will have fun on stage with this dance. Time 2:13.
  • Can I Be Your Baby Bumble Bee by Al Gilbert is a Pre-School or Grade 1 Song & Tap Dance. This piece is a "honey" of a routine for your little dancers. Great modified lyrics to go with fun dance steps. A honey of a number! BUZZ! BUZZ! Time 2:39.
  • Barnyard Boogie by Becca Retter is a preschool song and dance for your 3-5-year-old students. This song has a fun country flair. Your dancers will love doing the “Barnyard Call” and making all animal sounds. BOOGIE AROUND THE BARNYARD! Time – 2:15
  • Dancing Monkey by Al Gilbert is a Pre-School Song & Dance. This routine is perfect for getting your little students singing and dancing! Great for your 3-5-year-old dancers. Dance steps include Jump Out-Jump In, Shuffle Step, Boogie Woogie, Heel Together, and the Flash Trick Step. Time – 2:22
  • Happy Dancing Pony & Pony Boy by Al Gilbert is a Pre-School Song & Dance. This song is about a happy dancing pony that always does her best. A surprise ending to make all cheer. Hi-Ho-Silver, Away!! Some tap-dance steps in this routine are Point Together, Side Gallops, and Shuffle Step. Time – 2:11
  • Tippy Toe Mouse by Becca Retter preschool song & dance for your 3-5-year-old students. A cute little mouse that just wants a chance to dance. Look out for the cat! SUPER CUTE! This can be used as a tap or ballet dance. Time - 2:26

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