Pre-Ballet Songs & Dances, Vol. 2 Download


Pre-Ballet Songs & Dances, Vol. 2 Download

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Pre-Ballet Songs & Dances, Vol. 2 by Al Gilbert, offers eight pre-ballet songs and dances for your youngest ballerinas.

Al Gilbert presents eight of his favorite songs and dances for your youngest ballet students. Each routine includes a song perfect for the pre-schooler, with ballet steps. This is a two-disc product. Disc 1 includes performance-ready songs with children's voices. Disc 2 offers instruments tracks

Songs and dances included in this compilation:

  1. A Perfect Little Angel is a Pre-Ballet Song & Dance for your 3-5-year-old students. When a group of "Perfect Little Angels" grace any stage, you know it will be heavenly. Time 2:43
  2. Baby Ballerina is a Pre-Ballet Song & Dance - perfect for your 3-5-year-old ballerinas. Time 2:35.
  3. Give A Flower To Someone is a Primary Ballet Waltz with *Flower Prop about kindness with lovely lyrics. Time 2:45.
  4. Hoop Magic Ballet Dance is a Pre-Ballet Song & Dance with a Hoop Prop, Time 2:35
  5. Two Ballet Song & Dances includes "The Little Ballet Lesson," Time 1:45. "Tiny Tot Polka," Time - 0:53. Two ballet songs & dances for your littlest ballet dancers.
  6. The Little Ballet Swan is a Pre-Ballet Song & Dance for your youngest ballerinas.   Every little ballet dancer dreams of someday being in Swan Lake. Time - 2:30.
  7. My Colorful Tutu by Al Gibert is a Pre-Ballet Song & Dance for your young ballet students. Let's sing about our colorful tutus! Time 2:20.
  8. I See Me is a Pre-Ballet Song & Dance with a Mirror Prop. What fun to watch your little dancers looking so cute and perky in their mirror, just like they're Snow White. Time - 3:02.

Download includes:

    • 8 Ballet Songs and choreography as iTunes files of each song. Drag and drop into your iTunes library
    • Performance and Instrumental Tracks of each dance for a total of 16 tracks
    • PDF files of notes

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