Just Props for Pre-schoolers, Vol. 1

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Just Props for Pre-schoolers, Vol. 1

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Just Props, Vol. 1 by Becca Retter is a fun prop-filled experience for your youngest students. Working (playing) with props is a fun way for preschoolers to learn basic motor skills, attention, sharing, balance, basic body conditioning, and so much more. What a fun and colorful way for your youngest students to learn creative movement and dance! This 8-song collection will be fun for you and your students. *Props not included with this product.

Two-Disc Collection Includes:

  • Disc one offers vocal instruction by Becca Retter
  • Disc two provides music without instruction
  • CDs are enhanced discs that include Notes and iTunes files of music. View and print notes from your computer. Drag and drop iTunes files into your iTunes library.

Included in this Collection:

  1. Shake and Listen (Egg Shakers)
  2. Rhythm Sticks Imagination
  3. Feelings Fun with Scarves
  4. Beanie Bounce and Balance
  5. Parachute Playtime
  6. Wiggle, Shake, Freeze, and More (Tambourines)
  7. Bunny Garden Hoops
  8. Follow the Rainbow (Polly Spots)


Prop Resources: (Not included with the purchase of product)

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