Janice Barringer Introduction to Ballet Video

Janice Barringer

Janice Barringer Introduction to Ballet Video

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Introduction to Ballet by Janice Barringer is the 1st level of her Ballet Technique. This level is intended for 5-6-year-old students.

Ballet training for young children must be carefully introduced. In this level for 5 and 6-year-old children, each exercise should be executed with correct alignment and proper placement. Turnout is very gently introduced, but many steps are in a parallel position. There is no barre work at this level.

Video Playtime - 1 hr, 14 min.

*Music to accompany this video is sold separately (JBCD8105)

DVD Includes:

  • 36 exercises explained by Janice Barringer and then demonstrated by ballet students
  • Technique notes are included on the disc as pdf files. Insert into computer ROM drive to view or print.

Janice Barringer’s Ballet technique is known worldwide as the most comprehensive ballet technique for the dance studio. Ms. Barringer understands that students at the dance studio are different from students at the ballet studio. Those students at the ballet studio will study 3-8 hours each week in ballet, whereas students at a dance studio study all dance genres, including 1-4 hours of ballet. With this understanding sits the basis of her technique. The Janice Barringer Ballet Technique is created specifically for dance studios. Included in Ms. Barringer’s Technique are nine levels. Intro to Ballet, Pre-Ballet, grades 1-4 with transition classes between grades 1-2, 2-3, and 3-4.

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