Janice Barringer Ballet Technique Binder

Janice Barringer

Janice Barringer Ballet Technique Binder

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Janice Barringer, Ballet Technique Binder, offers 5 Grades; Pre-Ballet, for the 7-9-year-old students through Grade 4, for the Advanced students.

Pre-Ballet is a preparation for the serious study of ballet, and each grade thereafter builds upon the previous grade level. Using this system carefully, your serious ballet students will become accomplished ballet dancers.


  • 1 CD per grade level (Instrumental)
  • 1 DVD per grade level (Each exercise taught then demonstrated)
  • Beautiful, durable, high-quality embossed faux leather storage case
  • Laminated, easy-to-read, printed notes for every exercise
  • An easy-to-use, built-in standing easel, making it easy to flip as you teach

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