Intermediate-Advanced Ballet Center, Class 1

Janice Barringer

Intermediate-Advanced Ballet Center, Class 1

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Intermediate-Advanced Ballet Center, Class 1 by Janice Barringer, is a complete center floor for your Intermediate-Advanced ballet students.

Janice Barringer presents exciting combinations for intermediate and advanced ballet dancers. Each exercise is explained by Ms. Barringer and demonstrated by a professional ballet dancer, 16-year-old Marqui Matkowski. Set to beautiful piano music directed by Ms. Barringer and played by a professional pianist who plays for the leading teachers in New York. The exercises range from the adage all the way to reverence. This class is fun and inspiring.

Data Disc Includes: (This is not a DVD; it will not play in a DVD player. Insert into computer rom drive to access files)

  • Video of 10 center floor exercises (mp4 files: Use iTunes or QuickTime to play)
  • pdf of Technique Notes

*Music used for this DVD: At the Ballet with Janice is sold separately

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