Hansel & Gretel Ballet Production

Al Gilbert

Hansel & Gretel Ballet Production

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Hansel & Gretel Ballet Production by Dorothy Vose with narration by Al Gilbert includes movement for grades 1-4 dancers (age 5 and up). This is a two-disc collection. Disc 1 includes the entire ballet with narration before each song on top of a bed of music. Disc 2 includes the performance music of the entire ballet, but no voiceover narration.

Two-Disc Collection includes Music and choreography

  • Come Dance With Me - Grade 2-3, (7 years old and up)
  • Angels Dance - Grade 2-3, (8-year-old and up)
  • In The Forest - Grade 1 (5-7-year-olds)
  • Witch's Dance - Grade 3-4 Solo (9-year-old and up)
  • Gingerbread Children - Grade 1-2 (6-year-old and up)
  • Hansel & Gretel Waltz - (Waltz Duet)
  • Finale - All Dancers
  • 28 tracks in total
  • Full notation of choreography

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