Danceography on Tap, Vol. 1

Darryl Retter

Danceography on Tap, Vol. 1

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Danceography on Tap, Vol. 1 by Darryl Retter, offers three tap dances. Everything has been "dance studio-tested" and "dance recital tested," so you already know this will work. Video – Music – Notes included!


Music and dances in this collection include:

  • I’m A Kid (And I Like It) is a low intermediate tap dance (grade 3). This dance was created for 9-11-year-old tappers. This is a bouncy – young  happy song about the fun and freedom of being a child.  Meas – 108, Time – 2:51
  • Montego Bay is an intermediate (gr 4) tap dance for 11-13-year-old tappers. This song has a reggae-pop vibe that brings us all to the tropical islands. This high-energy pop song is mixed with the laidback energy of the Jamaican Islands. Fun tap patterns and staging with this dance. Time – 2:45

  • GetUpOffaDatThang is an advanced tap dance (Gr 5) for your 14+ tappers. This is a hard-driving percussion piece with mixed African and American urban sounds. The African chant in the song means (loosely) “people of peace, rejoice.” This dance will challenge your strongest tappers. Time – 3:05


Download Includes: (Use iTunes or QuickTime to play.) Please download the files to a computer, not a mobile device.

  • Video files of dances, step-by-step Breakdowns, and Performance
  • 6 Music files – performance and radio mixes of each song
  • PDF files of choreography notes



  • Includes Progression Connection, 10 Across The Floor exercises included for each dance. That's 30 Across The Floor exercises in this collection!


*Music-only downloads available for separate purchase - RETCD001DL, RETCD002DL, RETCD003DL

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