Dance Advantage, Vol. 11

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Dance Advantage, Vol. 11

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Dance Advantage, Vol. 11 by Becca Retter has you covered from your 3-year-old tots, right up to your 12-year-old dancers.

Music for this choreography is available exclusively through MusicWorks and sold separately.

Dances offered in this collection:

  • Pre Song and Dance: “Jump & Shake”, “Peek-A-Boo”, “Jungle Safari”, “Fairytales Can Come True”
  • Grade One Tap: “Spotlight”, “Superhero”
  • Grade Two Tap: “Saturday Matinee”, “Cupid, Do Your Magic Dance”
  • Grade Three Tap: “Do The Right Thing”,
  • Low Intermediate Routines: “Dancing Rainbow” (Lyrical), “Little Red Riding Hood” (Ballet), “Dance This Way” (Jazz)

DVD Includes:

  • Performance of All Routines
  • Breakdown and Performance of Cupid Do Your Magic Dance, Dance This Way, Dancing Rainbow, Do The Right Thing, Little Red Riding Hood, and Saturday Matinee
  • Choreography notes

Songs with Choreography Notes sold separately as CDs and Downloads: TA1296, TA1297, TA1298, TA1299 TA1300, TA1301, TA1302, TA1303, TA1304, TA1305, TA1306, TA1307

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