Dance Adventure, Vol. 3

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Dance Adventure, Vol. 3

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Dance Adventure, Vol. 3 by Becca Retter is a complete preschool Tap & Ballet class. Your 3-6 yr. old students will love how this class takes them on an imaginary journey, which includes 20 exercises. Beginning with Tap class, your dancers will work on rhythm, balance, and simple movement side-to-side and front to back. During the ballet class, your dancers will experience a warmup with plie and tendu, passé, and simple rond de jambe. The instruction of the positions of the feet and arms are part of this section, as well as *prop work with scarves and beanbags.

Enhanced Double CD Bundle includes:

  • The two-Disc collection includes 40 tracks
  • Disc one offers 20 tracks of vocal instruction from Becca Retter
  • Disc two offers 20 tracks of music without instruction
  • PDF file of notes on both discs. Insert into your computer CD Rom and view or print!

*Props not included

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