Dance Advantage – Inspire!

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Dance Advantage – Inspire!

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This is a Data Disc and will not play in DVD or CD player - Insert disc into computer ROM drive to access files.

Inspire! from Becca Retter includes 3 songs and dances for your 2-8-year-old dancers. Music, Video, and Notes included. This collection of dances is all about Inspiration, Confidence, Creativity! Your dancers will take charge when they step onto your stage!

Music and dances offered in this collection: (Use iTunes or Quicktime to play) 

  • I’m Ready by Becca Retter is a Preschool song and dance for your 2-4-year-old students. Your dancers will be ready to take the stage with this fun song and dance...CONFIDENCE! Time – 2:49
  • Let’s Go by Becca Retter is a Grade 1 song and tap or jazz dance for your 4-6-year-old dancers. This is a fun cheerleader-type song and dance. Time – 2:17
  • Go Be It by Becca Retter is a Junior Jazz dance for your 5-8-year-old dancers. Go be amazing. Go be yourself. Go be whatever you want to be. Positive and inspiring jazz dance with a pop style groove. Time – 2:58

Data Disc includes: (Use iTunes or Quicktime to play)

  • Video files of dances
  • 6 music files (Instructional and Performance track with end tag)
  • Choreography Notes as pdf file

Songs with choreography notes sold separately as CD (TA1376, TA1377, TA1378) and as downloads (TA1376DL, TA1377DL, TA1378)

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