Cuddle Up Cuddle Cub (Music and Dance)

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Cuddle Up Cuddle Cub (Music and Dance)

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Cuddle Up Cuddle Cub (Music and Dance) by Becca Retter is a sweet Pre-School Song about how good it feels to get hugs. Cuddle them up! Becca wrote the song AND choreographed the perfect dance for 3–5-year-olds. Dancers can wear tap, jazz, or ballet shoes for this dance. Great for your recital, or Valentine’s Day, or anytime! BE MINE!

Download Includes: (Please download to a computer, not a mobile device)

  • Cuddle Up Cuddle Cub (Music Single) 2:08
  • Cuddle Up Cuddle Cub (Vocal Instructional Track) 2:19
  • Choreography Notes

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