Teacher’s Guide to Turns, Vol. 1

Janice Barringer

Teacher’s Guide to Turns, Vol. 1

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Teacher’s Guide to Turns, Vol. 1 by Janice Barringer, offers specific components of turns that will strengthen the technique in your dancer so they can perform technically correct turns. As with everything in ballet, the student must start slowly and methodically to build all body sections until they are ready to perform their tasks. We often work backward by teaching the finished movement and then trying to figure out what went wrong. The eventual mistakes can always be traced back to failing to perform the elementary procedures properly. 

DVD/CD Bundle Includes:

  • Video for 15 exercises designed to improve turns
  • Music for each ballet exercise. Pianist, John Gavalchin
  • Technique Notes are on the discs as a PDF File


Bonus: Verbal Discussion and Explanations of

  • The importance of proper placement
  • The importance of proper port de bras
  • Taking of the shoulder
  • The importance of being “square”
  • Spotting and eye focus
  • Importance of a strong relevé
  • Importance of not sitting into the hip

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