Broadway Favorites, Vol. 2


Broadway Favorites, Vol. 2

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6 Broadway Style songs and dances make up this amazing compilation. Classics and originals are included to mix it up a bit! Your dancers will feel like they’re on a big Broadway stage when they perform these dances.

Songs and dances included on this CD:

    • Spotlight by Becca Retter is a Grade 1 Song & Tap Dance perfect for your 5-6 year olds. Time – 2:25
    • Steal The Show by Becca Retter is a Grade 1 Song & Tap Dance for your 5-6 year old dancers. Time – 2:24
    • Show Time On Broadway by Al Gilbert is a Grade 1 Dance perfect for your 6-8 year old dancers. Time – 2:49
    • Saturday Matinee by Becca Retter is a Grade 2 Tap Dance. Your 7-9 year old tappers will enjoy this one! Time – 2:47
    • Supercalifragilistic by Becca Retter is a Grade 2 Tap Dance for your 7-9 year old tappers. This is a wonderful rendition of the classic from Sound Of Music. Time – 2:27
    • The Wiz by Reagan Marie offers an intermediate Musical Theatre Jazz Dance for your 9-12 year old dancers. This funky new groove gives us a fun journey with Dorothy and her friends. The compilation includes the songs, “Ease On Down The Road”, “No Bad News”, and “Brand New Day”. Time – 3:07

Bonus Enhanced Disc Includes

    • 12 songs as iTunes Files (Instructional Track and Recital-Ready Performance Track for each song). Drag and drop into your iTunes Library
    • PDF Files of Choreography Notes. Insert disc into your computer ROM-drive to view and print

*Also available individually: TA1299, TA1275,
TA0484, TA1301, TA1324, RMTDCD206B

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