Best of Becca Retter, Vol 3

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Best of Becca Retter, Vol 3

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Best of Becca Retter, Vol 3 by Becca Retter includes six dance routines for your pre-level dancer to your lower intermediate-level dancers. This Collection is a Double-Disc Bundle that includes instructional and performance tracks.

Songs and dances included in this compilation:

  • Jazz Hula Baby – Pre-Jazz Song and Dance, Something new and fun! Traditional hula movements mixed with jazz. Great song and dance. ALOHA!
  • Ice Cream Dream – Pre-Jazz, perfect for your younger dancers. They will love this sweet routine! This dance is a tasty treat that moves to the beat! Get funky in a dance all about everyone's favorite dessert! WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM!
  • Party Train – It's a party train! Climb aboard for a dance routine that is full of fun! CHUGGA CHUGGA WOO WOO! (Pre-Jazz)
  • Funky Fiesta – A Latin dance with a hip-hop groove that is sure to make your dancers move. BAILE! (Jr Jazz)
  • Passion 4 Fashion – Get ready to hit the catwalk! Shopping is the inspiration for this pop princess song. Strike a pose! (Jr Jazz)
  • Star Power – Your little dancers will love this one! An excellent jazz dance with a musical theatre feel. SING AND DANCE! (Jr Jazz)

Bonus – Two-Disc Enhanced CD Set

  • Disc 1 - Vocal instruction of dance steps by Becca Retter
  • Disc 2 – Performance Tracks for your Recital or any performance
  • Both discs include notes as a pdf file. View on your computer and print out
  • Both discs have music as iTunes files. Drag into your iTunes library.

Individual TAs: TA1182, TA1232, TA1259, TA1202, TA1217, TA1247

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