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Best Of Al Gilbert, Vol. 1 Download

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Best of Al Gilbert, Vol 1 is a compilation CD Set that includes 8 of Al's favorite Preschool Songs & Dances. Each song consists of 2 tracks: Vocal Instructions by Al Gilbert and Performance Track. Perfect for in-class or performance routines!

Your audience will go crazy when your little ones walk on stage! This volume offers eight songs & dances that are perfect for your preschool tappers. Each piece includes an end tag for your dancers to exit with music.

Dances included:

  1. A.B.C. in Song & Dance (TA0247) Grade 1 Song & Tap, Time 2:13. What better way to learn the A.B.C.s than to dance them?
  2. She was born to Dance (TA0972) – 2:14 Preschool Song & Dance. Time - 2:18. Every mother feels her child is "Born to Dance," so why not sing about it?
  3. Dancing Chickadee (TA0405) – 2:52 Grade 1 Song & Dance, Time 2:05. This has become an old standby for your preschoolers. The kids LOVE it!
  4. Dancing Dinosaur (TA1037) Preschool Song & Dance. A Prehistoric hit! Time 2:00. Kids love dinosaurs.
  5. I'm Special (TA0941) Preschool Song & Dance, Time 1:32. Everyone needs to feel "Special." This is just the routine to let your kids know how special they are.
  6. Nobody Does It Better (TA0665) Preschool or Grade 1 Song & Tap. Time 2:35. Simple enough for your tiniest tots.
  7. It's Neat (TA0698) Preschool Song & Dance, Time 2:20. Your kids will think "It's Neat" to dance for you.
  8. Yes, I Can (TA0922) Preschool Song & Dance. Time 1:26. Your Preschoolers will love this confidence-building song & dance.

    Download includes (each song is an iTunes file, drag and drop into your iTunes library)

    • Vocal Instruction by Al Gilbert for each song
    • Performance Tracks with an end tag for each song
    • PDF files of notes

    *Training aids are also available for separate purchase

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