Best of Al Gilbert, Vol. 5

Al Gilbert

Best of Al Gilbert, Vol. 5

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Best of Al Gilbert, Vol 5 is a compilation CD Set that includes 8 of Al's favorite Grade 5 and up dances. Perfect for in-class or performance routines! Each song consists of 2 tracks: Vocal Instructions by Al Gilbert and Performance Track. Some offer bonus fast tracks.

This volume offers eight instrumental dances perfect for your Advanced Tap Dancers. These are music-only tracks that have no lyrics. Perfect for your 14-year-olds and up.

Songs and dances included in this compilation:

  • Rhythm Buck (T0063) Grade 5 Tap (Low Adv Level) A great deal of footwork and also a lot of "Flash." Great for solo, duet, or any advanced class. Time 2:16
  • Bouncy Buck (TA0214) Grade 5 & Up (Solid Advanced Level) This fast-instrumental Advanced Buck Routine will challenge your accomplished tappers. Time - 2:30
  • Saints Go Marchin' In (TA0219) Grade 5 & Up (Solid Advanced Level) This is a fun, challenging advanced tap dance. Music has significant variations in rhythm and style. Time 2:22
  • Flying Feet (TA0285) Grade 6 (Advanced Level) A perfect Grade 6 dance that uses many of the technique steps from Grade 6 (CDNT6). Flashy & difficult. Time 2:33
  • Fast Feet Tap (TA0740) – Grade 6 and up (Advanced Level) This is a complex, fast tap routine with lots of intricate footwork, turns, wings & toe stands. Time 2:17
  • Totally Time for Stop Time (TA0076) Grade 6 and up. This is an Advanced Tap dance set to the music "The Sheik of Araby," which was written in response to Rudolph Valentino's movie "The Sheik" in the early 20s. Each step in this dance has a different style of stop-time. The piece is complex and fabulous. Time 2:57. 
  • Sizzling Taps (TA0959) – Grade 6-7 (Advanced Level) This dance offers a unique tap style to honor Gregory Hines. Actor, Humanitarian, and, most of all, Tapper Gregory Hines inspired many tappers to keep working on the craft. This is a challenging piece, and your audience will be appropriately impressed. Time 3:17
  • William Tell Overture by (TA1078) Grade 6 and up (Advanced Level) This is an Advanced Tap Dance. This routine will make your dancers shine in their excellent tap skills. Great for your 12-14-year-old dancers. Time 1:52


    Two-Disc Enhanced CD Set includes

    • Disc One – Vocal Instructions by Al Gilbert
    • Disc Two – Performance Tracks with an end tag
    • PDF files of notes, insert into your CD-ROM to view or print
    • iTunes files of each song. Drag and drop into your iTunes library

    *Training aids are also available for separate purchase

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