Beach Getaway, Vol. 2 Download

Darryl Retter

Beach Getaway, Vol. 2 Download

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Make your escape to the beach with this collection of 6 recital-ready dances. Bring your audience along! They will love these tropical and beach theme songs and dances.

Songs and dances included in this compilation:

  • Rays Of Sunshine by Al Gilbert is a Pre-Ballet Song & Dance for your youngest dancers. Time – 2:30
  • Rainbow Island Dancers by Becca Retter is a Grade 1 Song & Dance set to a light tropical groove! This is perfect for your 5-7-year-old tappers. Time – 2:24
  • Ocean Adventure by Becca Retter is a Low Intermediate Ballet dance created for your 5-7-year-old dancers. Take a journey over the 7 Seas with this beautiful, fully orchestrated instrumental. Time – 2:36
  • On A Sunday Afternoon by Al Gilbert is a Grade 2 Tap Dance. Your 7-9-year-old tappers will enjoy this one! Time – 1:35
  • Cool Day by Darryl Retter is a Grade 4 Tap Dance set to a cool and breezy pop song. This dance was created for your solid intermediate tappers. Your tweens and young teens will love this one! (12-14-year-olds) Time – 2:28
  • One Love One World by Darryl Retter offers a Grade 5-6 Tap Dance with Jamaican reggaeton energy. Time – 2:45


  • Twelve songs as iTunes Files (Instructional Track and Recital-Ready Performance Track for each piece). Drag and drop them into your iTunes Library.
  • PDF Files of Choreography Notes

    *Also available individually: TA0207DL, TA1223DL, TA1231DL, TA0351DL, RETCD047DL, RETCD066DL

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