Aquarius & Let The Sunshine In

Miss Fabergé

Aquarius & Let The Sunshine In

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Aquarius & Let The Sunshine In by Miss Fabergé is an entertaining, low intermediate solo acro routine for students ages 9-14. This song is the hit from the 1960s Broadway musical Hair. It's sure to be well known by grandparents at the recital and experienced judges at dance competitions. Time - 2:38

There are three tumbling passes to customize to your dancer's ability level. Basic Acro skills included are Front & Back Walkovers, Headstand, Heel Stretch, Cartwheel, Rolls, Front Handspring, and Back Handspring (optional). Teachers' Tips are shown for acro skills that are tricky to explain, such as the Traditional Fish Flop, Cartwheel Drop Split, Inside Outs, and more.

As always, Miss Faberge's routine is full of Dance basics, too: Jazz Split, Fan Kicks, Chainé Turns, Scissors, Balance, Split Leaps, and Battement. Your solo dancer will enjoy great music and moves while practicing basics to become a better performer. And it's fun!

Good to go and ready for your show!


Download Includes:

  • Performance Ready Music as iTunes File (m4a)
  • Step-by-Step Video breakdown of choreography as iTunes File (m4v)
  • Video of in-studio Performance
  • Teacher's Tips for Acro Moves
  • Choreography Notes as a PDF file
  • Cover Art

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