Al Gilbert Tap Technique, Grade 4 Bundle

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Al Gilbert Tap Technique, Grade 4 Bundle

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Al Gilbert Tap Technique, Grade 4 Bundle download includes music and video files. This version is the expanded and updated Al Gilbert Grade 4 Tap Technique set to contemporary music. Grade 4 builds on the foundation learned from Grade 3. This grade level is known as "The Breakthrough" level because the material mastered here propels your dancers through the intermediate stage of a tap. The familiar steps from the original Grade 4 are here, plus many more.

There are Nearly 50 Exercises at this level, including the introductions to Riffs, Drawbacks, and Turns Across the Floor. You'll also find a 2-Chorus Routine created from the exercises in this level.

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Bundle Includes:

  • CD Disc 1 – Vocal Instruction by AL Gilbert
  • CD Disc 2 – Instrumental Tracks
  • CD Disc 3 – Data Companion includes pdf file of notes and iTunes-ready audio tracks
  • DVD Disc includes all exercises performed with music

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Video Previews

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