Al Gilbert Original Tap Technique, Grade 7

Al Gilbert

Al Gilbert Original Tap Technique, Grade 7

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What do Valerie Rockey from SYTYCD Season 11, Mallory Hagen, Miss America 2013, and some of today's top Tap Choreographers, including Darryl Retter, Gregg Russell, Keith Clifton, Thommie Retter, Brooke Paulsen, and Terry Lindholm, have in common?

The Al Gilbert Tap Technique!

In Grade 7, Al Gilbert presents steps such as:

Center Exercises

  • Double Pullback and Wing Combination
  • Waltz Combinations
  • Heel Riff Combinations
  • Twisting Bombershay (or "Corkscrew")
  • Latin & Mambo Combinations


  • Outside-Inside Cramp Roll Turn
  • 5/4 Turn
  • Barrel Roll Turns
  • Renversé Turns
  • Multiple Tap Pirouettes


This is a 3-disc product.

  • Disc 1 contains music with vocal instruction by Al Gilbert
  • Disc 2 contains instrumental tracks without verbal instruction
  • Disc 3 is the companion data disc, including technique notes as a pdf file. Insert into your CD-ROM to view or print. Also, on the companion disc, you'll find all tracks as iTunes files. Drag and drop files into your iTunes library.

*This is the same product as CDNT709. Only different packaging.

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