A Number to Stop the Show

Miss Fabergé

A Number to Stop the Show

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A Number to Stop the Show by Miss Fabergé is an acro-dance routine for your 4–7-year-old students. This showy stage routine works well for dancers with limited acro skills. The included acro tricks for this routine are tumblesets, cartwheels, and backend. Time - 2:08

For this dance routine, you will need a folding gymnastic mat (4’x12’x2”). The mat is used as a stage prop and keeps your dancer safe.

This entertaining routine includes dance fundamentals such as Skips, Gallops, Flash Trick, Bourree, Port de Bras, Hitch Kick, Trenches, Chainé Turn, Cakewalk, and even a little Assemble.

Good to go and ready for your show!


Download Includes: (Please download it to a computer, not a mobile device.)

  • Performance Ready Music as iTunes File (m4a)
  • Bonus Instrumental Track included
  • Step-by-Step Video breakdown of choreography as iTunes File (m4v)
  • Video of in-studio Performance
  • Choreography notes as a PDF file
  • Cover Art

Choreography Single Series offers an all-inclusive product that includes everything you need as a dance teacher to provide your students with the best dance experience. Media Files (music and video) are in the iTunes format. Drag and drop them into your iTunes Library

*Prop is not included.

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