Musical Comedy Hits, Vol. 3


Musical Comedy Hits, Vol. 3

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Musical Comedy Hits, Vol 3 by Al Gilbert include 7 fully orchestrated songs from some of the most beloved Broadway Musicals and Musical Movies. These dances will be a great addition to your dance recital, or use for the musical theatre classes at your studio. Your dancers will enjoy these as much as your audience!

Music and choreography in this collection include:

  • That's Entertainment from the movie with the same name celebrated Broadway’s 50th anniversary. This grade 1 musical song and jazz with *cane prop is a great opener for your recital. Easy movement that looks good on all ages! Time – 3:00
  • Stairway To Paradise from the movie “American In Paris” offers a grade 1 musical comedy song and jazz with *hat and cane props. Not too difficult, but very spectacular! Time – 2:40
  • Steam Heat is from the movie musical, “Pajama Game”, choreographed and performed by Bob Fosse. This dance is a grade 1 musical comedy song and jazz with *hat prop. This dance will look great on your stage. Time – 3:10
  • Be A Performer comes from the Broadway musical, “Little Me”, originally starring Cid Caeser. This dance is a grade 1 musical comedy song and jazz with *hat is perfect for your beginner adult class.
  • Tomorrow is the sweet classic children’s song from the Broadway musical, “Annie”, is a primary and grade 1 Broadway song and jazz. A wonderful song of hope and for everyone with sweet choreography for your young dancers to shine. Time 2:57
  • I Can Do That is the classic song from the Broadway Musical, “A Chorus Line”. This is a grade 3 tap dance that boys and girls love. Perfect for your 9-11 year old performers. Time – 2:36
  • Hooray for Hollywood is a song first featured in the 1937 movie “Hollywood Hotel”. This is a grade 1 Musical Comedy Song & Jazz that is the perfect “sho-biz” number for your recital. Time – 2:45

Enhanced CD includes:

    • 14 tracks of music, 7 performance tracks and 7 instrumental tracks that allow a soundtrack for your performers to sing live!
    • iTunes files of each song, simply drag and drop into your iTunes library
    • PDF files of notes, simply insert into your CD-ROM to view or print

*Products also available for separate purchase – hard copy and downloadable TA675, TA602, TA632, TA355, TA327, TA779, TA716

*Props not included

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