You’ve Gotta Have Style

Lisa Ann Colombo

You’ve Gotta Have Style

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You’ve Gotta Have Style by Lisa Ann Colombo a tap dance for 5–9-year-old boys. This piece is the first in a series created for young boys. This inspiring song is for boys that love to dance and is a tribute to Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire. Some tap dance steps included in the dance are Shuffle Step Heel, Slow Irish, and Slow Cramproll. Time: 2:38

“You’ve gotta have style – you’ve gotta have class...just as Gene Kelly did – he danced in the rain – it was his way to fame.”

Download Includes:

  • Instructional, Instrumental, and Performance versions of the song that you can drag into your iTunes Library
  • PDF file of choreography notes
  • Cover Art

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