Understanding Dance with Janice Barringer, Chapter 2 E-book

Janice Barringer

Understanding Dance with Janice Barringer, Chapter 2 E-book

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Understanding Dance with Janice Barringer, Chapter 2, What is Contemporary Dance? When Janice Barringer is not teaching or choreographing, she's researching her passion. And that's DANCE. This 39-page e-booklet is a must for all dance teachers that continually educate themselves in the art of dance.

In this very informative chapter, Janice covers:

    • Contemporary Dance, What Exactly Is It? – An introduction to the chapter
    • Opinions on the issue – in this chapter, Ms. Barringer quotes from some of the best-known teachers and choreographers such as Ellie Potts Barrett, Kirk Peterson, Mandy Moore, Desmond Richardson, Lulu Washington and Nicholas Leicher.
    • The History and Evolution of Modern and Contemporary Dance – A brief history of how Contemporary Dance came about.
    • List of a Few Modern Contemporary and Contemporary Ballet Companies –Ms. Barringer covers nearly 40 companies, with brief reviews from the New York Times Arts Section, 2012.
    • Ballet Dancers Exploring Contemporary Movement – Brief excerpts of reviews from The New York Times Arts Section of performances by two very famous ballet dancers who ventured into Contemporary Dance.

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