Tripletized Time Step

Mike Wittmers

Tripletized Time Step

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Tripletized Time Step by Mike Wittmers is an intermediate-advanced tap combo/drill. Mike takes the basic double timestep and tripletizes it for you. This offers a new way to look at this classic tap dance step. And tripletizing the time step is an excellent way to improve dancers' timing and phrasing. Tripleitize: "1-2-3 / 1-2-3 /1-2-3 / 1-2-3" or "a1& - a2& - a3& - a4&".


Video Info: 

  • Combo Length – 2 Counts of 8 (4 measures)
  • Video Length – 2:16
  • Video Format .m4v file
  • File Size – 22.5 MB


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