Three Dances from Glazunov Download

Janice Barringer

Three Dances from Glazunov Download

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Three Dances Selections from Glazunov, created by Janice Barringer, includes two dances that are set to the gorgeous music of the composer Glazunov, and one dance from Excerpts from Don Quixote.

Included in this Download:

  • Video Hail and Snow is the perfect dance for our grade 1 ballet students
  • Video Waltz of the Cornflowers is a ballet dance for your grd 2-3 student
  • Video Variation from Don Q is a challenging advanced ballet dance, performed on video by Kelly Ann Sloan of the Los Angeles Ballet Company.
  • Break down and performance of each dance
  • Choreography notes Included as PDF file
  • Cover Artwork

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