Thommie Retter’s NYC Tap, Vol. 2

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Thommie Retter’s NYC Tap, Vol. 2

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NYC Tap, Vol. 2 by Thommie Retter is the second in a series of technique classes, including Barre and Center Floor exercises and combinations designed to make your classes productive and impressive. Volume 2 was created for your solid intermediate tappers!

The material presented in this series can be applied to your fabulous dancers or used as a supplement for classes in between levels of Al Gilbert Tap, or you may want to mix it up a bit. Thommie Retter was a student of Al Gilbert, and everything he learned from him has been poured into this product to fortify your classes.

All the music in this technique series is original piano accompaniment with upbeat rhythms orchestrated specifically for each exercise. Not only will you love the memorable tracks, but your students will feel like they are actually in a tap class with Thommie Retter in NYC.

Video Length - 30:07


DVD/CD Bundle Includes

Enhanced CD Includes 

  • Eight tracks of music were created specifically for this technique with vocal instruction by Thommie Retter.
  • Eight instrumental tracks
  • Choreography Notes as a pdf file. Insert the disc into your computer Rom drive to view and print

DVD Includes

  • Each step is performed clearly for you to digest and commit to memory in no time.

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