Dance Advantage - Think Pink

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Dance Advantage - Think Pink

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Think Pink by Becca Retter includes three songs and dances for your 3-12-year-old dancers. Music, Video, and Notes included. All pink every day! These songs are about every girl’s favorite color with new and classic re-makes produced with your youngest dancers in mind. Each dance is a winner at your recital!

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Music and dances offered in this collection: (Use iTunes or Quicktime to play)

  • Think Pink by Becca Retter is a pre-school song and dance for your 3-5-year-old dancers. It’s everyone’s favorite color! This creative movement dance has a little bit of everything and is adorable! Time 2:23
  • Pink Panther Ballet by Becca Retter is a grade 1 song and ballet dance for your 4-6-year-old dancers. This song is based on the theme by Henry Mancini with fun lyrics added! It’s a great character ballet dance for your students. Time 2:37
  • Pink Ladies by Becca Retter is a grade three tap dance for your 10-12-year-old dancers. This dance will be a blast for your pre-teens! Rock and roll girls will tap with their best friends in this original song based on the fun characters from the musical, Grease. Time 2:50

Data Disc includes: (Use iTunes or Quicktime to play)

  • Video files of dances
  • Six music files (Instructional and Performance track with end tag)
  • Choreography Notes as pdf file

Songs with choreography notes are sold separately as downloads: TA1364DL, TA1365DL, TA1366DL.

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