The World is My Drum, Vol. 2

Mike Wittmers

The World is My Drum, Vol. 2

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Please download to a computer, not a mobile device.

Once again, Mike Wittmers and Double Bass Productions have created a truly unique instructional tap experience. The World is My Drum, Vol. 2 is geared for beginner-intermediate levels.

In this second installment of Mike’s series, he teaches four footwork combinations set to Rock, Swing, Reggae, and Latin drum grooves played by Mike’s cousin, Doug Thompson. Each combo features both beginning and intermediate variations. 

From there, Mike brings in Jason Rodgers and Sarah Reich to help him demonstrate two tap routines.

Finally, join Mike, Jason, and Sarah as they play “Call and Response” with Doug on the drums in an interactive jam session that challenges your ear training and helps build confidence as an improvisational tapper.

Video playtime  – 3 hours, 8 minutes.


Download includes: (Available as download only. Please download the files to a computer, not a mobile device.)

  • Chaptered video in .m4v format. File Size – 2.29 GB
  • Four tracks of music in .mp3 format
  • Combo: “Blues” has 24 counts of 8 (48 measures.) Combo time – 1:56.
  • Combo: “Surf Rock” has 39 counts of 8 (78 measures). Combo time – 1:46
  • Bonuses include Outtakes, Behind the Scenes, Short Featurette “The Making of TWMDS set,” Drum Solos by Mike and Doug, and Full-length “Feet from Behind” video of choreography.
  • Notation not included.


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