Tendu Teddybear, Vol. 1 Download

Lisa Ann Colombo

Tendu Teddybear, Vol. 1 Download

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Please download to a computer, not a mobile device.

Tendu Teddybear, Vol. 1 by Lisa Ann Colombo is a pre-ballet class with a teddy bear *prop. The Tendu Teddybear series is an exciting journey for pre-ballet dancers (ages 3-5) and their teddy bear friends. This addition to your class offers a journey in building comfort, confidence, friendship, coordination, and so much more. The perfect timing for Tendu Teddybear is directly after your basic warm-up.

Elements of movement in volume one include demi plié, relevé tendu (front and side), and twirling. Each young dancer being the “STAR OF THE SHOW” is also part of the magical journey. 

Your little ones are sure to enjoy dancing with their very own Tendu Teddybear during ballet class each week. (Time: 11:00)

Download includes:

  • Instructional Track from Lisa Ann Colombo
  • Non-Instructional Track with child singer
  • Instrumental Track
  • Notes and iTunes files of music. View and print notes from your computer. Drag and drop iTunes files into your iTunes library.
  • Cover Art

*Note: The Tendu Teddybear prop is not included with the music product but is available for purchase separately. Each student should have their own Tendu Teddybear prop for this music product. You may purchase the plush stuffed animals here. Teddy Bear

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