Teaching Tips and Helpful Hints, Vol. 2

Janice Barringer

Teaching Tips and Helpful Hints, Vol. 2

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Teaching Tips and Helpful Hints, Vol. 2 by Janice Barringer clarifies how to teach basic and advanced ballet and movement concepts, exercises, positions, and steps that have eluded and frustrated many students, teachers, and dancers.  Instructions such as “lift up”, “lengthen”, “focus”, “use underneath the leg”, “turn-out” are too vague; they need a more in-depth explanation.  From years of experience, study, and being in the professional world, Janice has learned to help students and teachers truly understand the body, how it must function in gravity, and how to activate specific muscles to always be on balance, as well as jump and turn in a coordinated manner.

After identifying the issue, she explains how to correct the typical mistakes and misunderstandings followed by corrective exercises.  There is an accompanying CD with piano music created for each exercise. 

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