Teaching Tips and Helpful Hints, Vol. 1

Janice Barringer

Teaching Tips and Helpful Hints, Vol. 1

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Teaching Tips and Helpful Hints, Vol. 1 by Janice Barringer, is the perfect teaching tool for all dance teachers. Janice has explained and demonstrated in detail nine vital areas that can be perplexing in teaching technique. Since ballet is the basis of all dance, these explanations will be helpful in your ballet classes. And also your tap, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, ballroom, gymnastics classes as well as in sports. Two young dancers assist in showing 24 tips to help dancers understand the following topics:

  • Body Alignment
  • Improving Turn-out
  • Port de Bras
  • Balance
  • Working the Feet
  • Improving Extension
  • Improving Turns
  • Improving Jumps
  • Various Corrections


  • Technique Notes Included as PDF file. Insert DVD into your computer Rom-Drive to view or print.

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