Teacher’s Guide to Turns, Vol. 2

Janice Barringer

Teacher’s Guide to Turns, Vol. 2

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Teacher's Guide to Turns, Vol. 2 by Janice Barringer offers a deep dive into "how to" teach and concepts on reaching your students.

What could be more valuable to the dancer than a DVD that not only describes and teaches a large variety of turns but also puts them into combinations with detailed explanations? Janice Barringer has a way of explaining moves that makes sense and "click" in our minds. After viewing this DVD, you will see your teaching improve. This class has enough material for years of training. Ms. Barringer's on-camera assistant is Allynne Noelle, Principal of Los Angeles Ballet Company. Video playtime: 58:06

This product is a Video - Music - Notes bundle.

Data Disc Includes: (all media are iTunes Files (m4a, aac, m4v) 

  • Pirouettes
  • Traveling Steps such as piqué, soutenu, emboité and fouettés turns
  • Turning Steps such as pas de bourrée, balancé, chassé, échappé en tournant etc
  • Steps of Elevation that Turn
  • A collection of Miscellaneous Turns
  • Technique notation

Data disc will not play in DVD or CD player - Insert Disc into computer optical drive (ROM-drive) to access files.

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