Tap Syllabus Binder, Vol. 2

Al Gilbert

Tap Syllabus Binder, Vol. 2

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Tap Syllabus Binder, Vol. 2 contains the Al Gilbert Tap Technique grades 5-9. This fantastic collection includes 10 CDs of technique. Enjoy two versions of each grade level: Vocal instruction by Al Gilbert, and Instrumental.


You pay for the technique, and you get the binder and laminated notes free! A $120.00 Value!


The bonus data disc includes notation for all grade levels plus iTunes versions of all tracks. Insert into computer optical reader to access.


The boxed set includes a gold engraved faux leather binder and laminated notes to display and protect your investment in an attractive style. These binders include a Velcro connection to allow an easel-like display.

Tap 2 Box Set Animation

*Video of this product is not part of this bundle and is available as a download and DVD.

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