Tap Generation, Vol. 2 Download

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Tap Generation, Vol. 2 Download

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Please download to a computer, not a mobile device.

This is the download version of the DVD/CD Bundle.

Tap Generation, Vol. 2 by Thommie Retter makes learning tap easy and fun. Tappers of all levels will enjoy “Thommie’s Tap Steps”. For those with an appetite for tap, this instructional video is for you! Video and Music included.

All tap combinations shown in this unique video include the TECHNIQUE needed to build your choreography, confidence, stamina and ultimately your tap performance! Each level presented on Tap Generation is designed to challenge all tap lovers - both teachers and their students.

You provide the passion - Tap Generation will provide the “tools” ... Now Let’s Tap!

Tap Exercises Included:

  • Broadway Combinations
  • Paddle Variations
  • Third or Flam Exercise
  • Cutaway Exercise
  • Wing Timestep with Pullbacks
  • Advanced Soft Shoe
  • Killer Combo in 3/4 Time


  • Free CD of music included, tailor-made for each exercise!
  • Bonus Exercises: Toe Turn, The Flam, Triple Wing, The L.A. Slap, Brush Pullback
  • Thommie Improv Clip
  • Sammy Improv Clip

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