Sophisticated Cuties Songs & Dances


Sophisticated Cuties Songs & Dances

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Sophisticated Cuties Songs & Dances by Al Gilbert offers eight songs and dances that your 5-8-year-old dancers will love to perform.

All little girls like to play "dress-up" and make believe they're "grown-up." This unique collection of songs and dances focuses on just that. With lyrics Sweet and a little sassy, your audience will enjoy these performances.

Songs and dances included in this compilation:

  1. Come Up And See Me Sometime by Al Gilbert is a Grade 1-2 Song & Tap dance. This cute dance is based on the movie star Mae West, who acted in movies in the 1930s. The audience will love this sweet and sassy dance. Time - 2:39
  2. Sophisticated Baby by Al Gilbert is a sweet and sassy Grade 1 Song & Dance (Tap or Pre-Jazz). Everybody will love this fun one! Time - 2:18
  3. Fabulous by Al Gilbert is a sweet and sassy Grade 1 Song & Tap or Pre-Jazz dance. Your outgoing little girls will stop the show with this one! Time - 2:07 – 2:09
  4. Check It Out Baby by Al Gilbert is a Grade 1 Tap or Pre-Jazz Song & Dance.  He is another winner for those ultra-sophisticated cuties!  me - 1:42
  5. A Touch Of Class by Al Gilbert is a Grade 1 Tap or Pre-Jazz Song & Dance, perfect for your 5-8-year-olds. This dance is a "Classy" number for your sophisticated cuties. Time - 2:35.
  6. I'm So Glad I'm Me by Al Gilbert is a Grade 1 Song & Tap dance for your 4-6-year-old tappers. The title says it all -  Every dancer should be glad to be themselves! This is a very upbeat song. Time 2:37. 
  7. Look Of A Dancer by Al Gilbert is a Grade 1 Tap dance. This dance is one of those "sophisticated" pieces your audience will love. Depending on how you interpret the choreography, this piece may be used as a Pre-Ballet or Pre-Jazz Song & Dance. Time - 2:05.
  8. Hey Daddy by Al Gilbert is a Grade 1 Song & Dance for your 4-6-year-old dancers. This piece is a cute song from daughter to daddy. Fun and sassy, with a little humorous, your audience will love it. Time - 2:45

Enhanced CD includes:

  • PDF files of notes, insert them into your CD-ROM to view or print
  • iTunes files of each song. Drag and drop into your iTunes library

*Training aids are also available as separate purchases.

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