Smile - A Collection of Happy Songs, Vol. 2 Download

Al Gilbert

Smile - A Collection of Happy Songs, Vol. 2 Download

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Smile – A Collection of Happy Songs, Vol. 2 by Al Gilbert includes 6 fully orchestrated songs about smiling. It’s impossible NOT to smile when these dances are performed!

Download CD Includes:

  • With a Smile & a Song & Whistle While You Work is a nice blend between these two happy favorites. Both songs were originally featured in Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This is a song and dance for your grade 1 students. Time - 2:45
  • You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile is from the Broadway show, Annie. This dance is for your solid grade 3 tappers (9-11-year-old). Time – 2:17
  • Shadow Of Your Smile is a tricky and challenging tap dance for your advanced tappers (grade 5 and up). This offers a beautiful Latin musical arrangement with a dance to match. Your better dancers with ballet training will love this one. Time – 2:17
  • When You're Smiling is a challenging dance for your grade 4 dancers. Your adult tappers will love this one! Time 1:48
  • Happy Days Tap is a grade 2 tap dance to the classic, “Happy Days Are Here Again”! This instrumental song is great for children as well as beginner adults. Time – 1:26
  • Smile Is A Good Beginning is a happy song and dance for your grade 3 students. Perfect for the children and adult classes. Time – 1:50

Also included:

  • 12 songs as iTunes Files (Instructional Track and Recital-Ready Performance Track). Simply drag and drop into your iTunes Library
  • PDF Files of Choreography Notes. Insert the disc into your computer ROM drive to view and print

*Props not included

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