Smile – A Collection of Happy Songs, Vol. 1

Al Gilbert

Smile – A Collection of Happy Songs, Vol. 1

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Smile – A Collection of Happy Songs, Vol. 1 by Al Gilbert, includes six fully orchestrated songs about smiling. Each one will keep your students and audience smiling!

Songs and dances included in this compilation:

  1. Just Because I'm Happy This original tune has many tempo changes that will challenge your grade four tappers. Time – 2:48
  2. I Love To Smile is another happy song for your grade 2 tappers. This song and dance have a great "swing" energy your 7-9-year-olds will enjoy. Time – 2:04
  3. Smiling Irish Medley includes the songs "When Irish Eyes are Smiling" & "Irish Jig." This wonderfully fun Irish waltz will make everybody happy. This dance is a solid grade 3, perfect for your 9-11-year-old tappers. Time – 1:50
  4. When My Baby Smiles At Me has a lot of personality and includes a derby *prop. Your grade 3-4 tappers will enjoy this one! Time – 2:00
  5. Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella is a solid intermediate dance with an umbrella *prop. Your grade 4 tappers will enjoy the challenge of the tap patterns while working with the dance props. This one looks fantastic on stage! Time – 2:10
  6. Smile, Pass It On is a grade 2 song and tap for your 7-9-year-old tappers. Time – 3:15

    Enhanced CD Includes:

    • Twelve songs as iTunes Files (Instructional Track and Recital-Ready Performance Track). Drag and drop it into your iTunes Library
    • PDF Files of Choreography Notes. Insert the disc into your computer ROM drive to view and print

    *Props not included

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