Showtime Tap Music, Vol. 4

Al Gilbert

Showtime Tap Music, Vol. 4

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Showtime Tap Music, Vol. 4 is a compilation of some of the best tap music known to stage with choreography by Al Gilbert! There are six orchestrated instrumental selections in this collection. That's six choreographed dance routines ready for your stage!

Songs and dances included in this compilation:

  • Top Hat (TA0747) is a Grade 3 Tap dance with a *hat prop. Time - 2:08
  • City Lights (TA0742) is a Grade 3 Tap dance with a *cane prop. Time - 2:47
  • Give My Regards to Broadway (TA0468) is a Grade 3 Tap Production. Time - 3:17
  • Rock-A-Bye Your Baby (TA0395) is a Grade 4 Tap dance. Time - 2:24
  • Fred Astaire Medley (TA0781) is a Grade 4 Tap Production. Time - 3:29
  • Who's Got The Pain When They Do The Mambo (TA0383) is a Grade 5 & Up Latin Tap dance. Time - 2:11

Enhanced Double CD Bundle includes:

  • The two-Disc collection contains 12 tracks
  • Disc one offers six tracks of vocal instruction from Al Gilbert
  • Disc two provides six instrumental performance tracks
  • PDF file of notes on both discs. Insert into your computer CD Rom to view or print!

*Props not included

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