Showtime Tap Music, Vol. 2

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Showtime Tap Music, Vol. 2 is a compilation of some of the best tap music known to stage with choreography by Al Gilbert!

Routines Included:

  • Broadway Tap Medley (TA0539) is a Grade 3 Line Tap Routine. Time: 4:12 Perfect for your 9-11 year olds.
  • April Showers (TA0048) is a Grade 3 Soft Shoe w/Umbrella Prop, Time 1:56.
  • Rock A Bye Your Baby (TA0395 & TA0766) is a Grade 4 Tap, Time 2:33. Highly recommended for your intermediate students.
  • Give My Regards To Broadway (TA0468 & TA0836) is a Grade 3 Tap Production, Time 3:15
  • New York New York (TA0689) is a Grade 2 Tap w/Hat, Time 2:00.
  • Swannee Spectacular (TA0382) by Al Gilbert is Grade 3 Tap Routine. Time: 2:36. Perfect for your 8-10 year olds.
  • Who's Got The Pain When They Do The Mambo (TA0383) is a Grade 5 & Up Latin Tap, Time 2:10. Tricky, fast and very challenging.
  • Putting on The Ritz (TA0758) is a Grade 3-4 Tap,Time 1:45
  • Me & My Shadow (TA0780) is a Grade 3 Tap w/Cane, Time 2:38. An old nostalgic favorite done with a cane.
  • Top Hat (TA0747) is a Grade 3 Tap w/Hat, Time 2:04. A tribute to Fred Astaire as this was his most famous of numbers.
  • City Lights (TA0742) is a Grade 3 Tap w/Cane Prop, Time 2:43. A great musical comedy routine for all to enjoy.
  • Fred Astaire Medley (TA0781) is a Grade 4 Tap Production perfect for your 11-14 year old dancers. Time 3:30

Enhanced CD includes:

  • PDF files of notes, simply insert into your CD-ROM to view or print
  • iTunes files of each song. Drag and drop into your iTunes library

*Training aids are also available for separate purchase

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